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Etermis 4 (2x1ml)



Etermis 4 (2x1ml)

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Eliminate crows feet and other wrinkles near tear ducts. This product is now discontinued.


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Highly effective filler ETERMIS 4 is a highly concentrated, single-phase gel with ideal viscosity and plasticity. Unlike biphasic, this single-phase implant is easily injected by beauticians into the correction area, more evenly saturates the skin and biodegrades much more slowly in soft tissues. Thanks to its monophasic nature and cross-linked molecules of hyaluron, ETERMIS 4 restores volume, fills wrinkles almost instantly. The effect after injection is visible up to 24 months.

ETERMIS of the 4th series usually is prescribed for clients with problems of saggy or sunken cheeks, coarse creases, folds and wrinkles of great depth, with deformation of contours in the area of the lower jaw and cheekbones. Injection implants are most often used operating with patients older than 30 years. ETERMIS 4 is highly effective at:

Elimination of deep wrinkles and folds in the nasolabial triangle
Filling atrophy and smoothing of scars
Removing deep wrinkled lines on the forehead and chin
Restoring of the lost volume in the temporal part
Forming a correct, attractive face oval
Replenishing of the volume of cheekbones, back of the nose, cheeks, and chin
“Lifting” the line of the lower jaw.
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The skin implant ETERMIS 4 differs from most fillers due to the presence mannitol in its formula. It slows down the process of destruction of hyaluronic acid, prevents oxidation and the disintegration of active components, and guarantees the hydration of skin tissues. To minimize adverse reactions in the form of edema, the manufacturer included a phosphate buffer – sodium phosphate with pH 7.1. The component also protects against inflammation.

Filler practically does not cause redness, seals, itching and other unpleasant effects. Specialists also note the ability of the drug to regenerate the dermis tissue, eliminate scarring. The agent has a density that is optimal for filling the hollow layers of the dermis. Concentrated hyaluronic acid dissolves slowly, keeping the volume throughout the duration of the action.

Unlike analog fillers, an effect of ETERMIS 4 lasts for up to 2 years. To fix the effect, you can assign a course of two procedures: you can re-inject in 4-5 weeks after the initial session. The formula of the filler does not include unnatural, foreign components. Thus, in the absence of intolerance to the client, allergic reactions are excluded. SHOP NOW


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